About Paula

My name is Paula Buermele. I am in the elderhood phase of my life. Several friends have asked me for my retirement notebook to use as a guideline when they are ready to retire. Rather than share that notebook, I thought I would use this blog to document my journey and serve as a way to report my experiences for the benefit and enjoyment of others. I am a Christian and my posts will reflect my beliefs freely.

A little background: I spent my childhood growing up in the unique and delightful culture of the people who live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. My college years took me to New Ulm, Minnesota. The resulting degree in education led me to fourteen years as a primary grades teacher in Toledo, Ohio.

I married my husband in 1985 and a job change for him led us back to Michigan. I worked as a corporate trainer and then grew into many roles at a manufacturing services company. I was a Project Analyst my last five years in the workforce. We relocated to a small town in Michigan after my retirement and are building a retirement lifestyle together.